Geological surveys

Our experienced geology experts offer their expertise in a wide range of assignments related to soil and bedrock.

Although the geological conditions in Finland do not usually give rise to a significant level of accident risk, geological factors have a major bearing on matters such as underground construction and penetration by groundwater and hazardous substances. Our geologists work in close collaboration with chemists, engineers, geotechnical specialists and our other experts to achieve the best end result.

Plans for extracting soil and rock material

We prepare plans and permit applications for extracting soil and rock material. We use measurement methods based on the latest technology as a planning basis.

Acid sulphate soils

We begin by conducting desk research into the possible presence of sulphate clay and, if necessary, we also obtain further information by taking samples. In addition to such surveys, we have experience in planning methods to control acidification in sulphate clay areas.

Acidification surveys

We conduct acidification risk investigations based on the rock material in the area and, if necessary, we obtain further information by investigating on-site.


Matters related to groundwater on demanding soil and rock construction sites.

Surveys to serve peat production

We prepare a range of surveys, impact assessments and statements related to peat produc-tion. Impacts on water systems and managing water balances are among our areas of special expertise.