Environmental services based on geoinformation

We promote the utilization of ever-expanding information assets on projects, and we use geoinformation to create added value for customers.

A key theme in the digitalisation of environmental data is geoinformation and opportunities to combine geoinformation with other forms of expertise in fields such as the environment, urban design and traffic planning. Sitowise makes use of geoinformation expertise as part of its everyday project work. We also conduct study and survey projects where geoinformation is utilised in new ways and methods are further enhanced.


Generation, presentation and analysis of geoinformation, as well as the Louhi map service.


Participatory GIS, surveys based on geoinformation, materials for interactive events

Land-use planning

Land-use planning, strategic development and studies that support project development from a local level to a national level

Environmental expertise

Nature surveys, ecosystem services, core ecological areas and connections, environmental impact assessment

Groundwater and surface water

Investigations, analyses and observations based on geoinformation


The circular economy and reusable materials

Geoinformation analysis and investigations to support decision-making within operations/projects