Environmental and health risk management

Severe environmental contamination can be prevented by site-specific risk assessments and good planning of risk management measures, which can also ensure that the risk management measures are appropriately targeted so as to prevent unnecessary renovations that can cause environmental stresses.

Our experienced risk assessment experts use a wide range of commonly accepted risk assessment methods and calculation tools. We are constantly developing our risk assessment process, and we take account of changing legislation and national guidelines. Our risk assessment expertise extends to various parts of the environment (soil, pore gas, groundwater, sediment, surface water, air) and we collaborate closely with our certified samplers to obtain reliable initial information for high-quality evaluations.

Assessment of contamination and the need for decontamination

The contamination and the need for decontamination of soil, groundwater or sediment is assessed on the basis of risks. The assessment is conducted verbally, and it is supplemented by calculated investigations if necessary. Depending on the need, our risk assessments can make use of the expertise of our experts from different disciplines (including geology, building health, groundwater and biology).

Setting reconditioning targets

We specify site-specific target concentrations to ensure that there are no environmental or health risks after reconditioning. Site-specific target concentrations can often be used to reduce the scope of soil replacement or other risk management measures.

Evaluating the sustainability of risk management and reconditioning methods

We evaluate the sustainability of various risk management and reconditioning methods in terms of aspects such as the social and environmental impact, as well as from financial and image-related perspectives, ensuring that the most sustainable method is selected for the site.

Dispersion modelling and assessment of health risks

We model the dispersion of hazardous substances in the event of an accident or other occurrence, and we evaluate the impacts on health using modelling software and calculations.