Environment and permit coordination

The successful advancement of regional or project entities executed as major projects requires sustainable development perspectives to be identified and an anticipatory permit application strategy to be employed. The goal is to realise responsible solutions in terms of planning, preparations for decision-making, contracting and construction, usage and maintenance and overall sustainability (ecological, social, cultural and financial sustainability).

Assessments and permit processes that are correctly timed and affect the content of plans, systematic risk management and impact monitoring in construction and usage play a key role in managing the environmental impact. Well planned, active and open internal and external communication and interaction contribute to the successful execution of projects and ensure that the result is appropriate, meets the targets and – crucially – serves the end customer’s needs.

Permit requirements

Our experienced team will identify the operations and structures for which permits are required in accordance with the water or environmental protection act. Depending on the circumstances, surveys and reporting are conducted in the form of desk research and legal matters are verified by the best experts. If necessary, we can enter into negotiations with the relevant parties and obtain a “second opinion” for procedural purposes.

Permit timetables and necessary provisions

Our experts will assemble information about processing times and assess the impacts of appeals and complaints on the overall timetable.

Environmental information

We will assemble the relevant environmental information in the form of geoinformation and we will develop services based on our proven systems in order to facilitate data use in accordance with your needs.