Energy and climate

We prepare surveys, plans, assessments and strategies related to energy efficiency, mitigating climate changes and adapting to climate change.

Studies, surveys, assessments and monitoring

We conduct studies and prepare surveys on climate impacts. We investigate how climate-related factors can be integrated into other operations and boost the efficiency of climate-related work. We engage various entities in preparation and operations. We evaluate the reduction in emissions that can be achieved by reconciling land use, housing, traffic and services and by improving energy efficiency in areas such as planning land use and traffic systems. We evaluate the climate impacts that can be obtained through passenger and freight traffic arrangements.

Plans and strategies

We prepare plans and strategies for mitigating climate change and adapting to climate change jointly with our customers. We analyse the opportunities available for improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions and adapting to change, and we identify the need for collaboration and the related responsibilities.  We plan monitoring of actions.

Energy management

Energy reviews for major companies in accordance with the ISO 50001​ energy management system  and the Energy Efficiency Act.