Managing contaminated soil and sediment

We offer our comprehensive, high-quality expertise on projects related to contaminated soil, groundwater, sediment and slurries anywhere in Finland.

We carry out surveying and planning assignments taking account of the client’s needs and environmental perspectives in the various parts of the environment (soil, groundwater, pore gas, sediment, slurries). Our experienced experts are constantly improving our operations, and the solutions we offer comply with the latest legislation and best practices. Our certified environmental sampling specialists use a diverse range of modern field investigation equipment and measuring devices. Contaminated soil planning can be based on information models, which allow the plans to be combined with other plans. Our services cover the studies required throughout the project’s life cycle, from assessments to supervision during reconditioning.

Contamination history surveys and studies

Every site is examined individually, and the future use, operating history and environmental conditions are taken into consideration when studies are planned and conducted.

Planning reconditioning and contract documents

We prepare plans of various types, ranging from general reconditioning plans to plans resem-bling building designs. Our services also cover preparing contract documents and putting contracts out to tender. We have a large amount of experience in planning and supervising in-situ reconditioning without excavation. We always compare the various reconditioning methods and the related costs, and we strive to identify the most sustainable reconditioning solution jointly with the client.

Permit processes and declarations

We prepare contaminated soil declarations/environmental permit applications as required for projects, and we are also happy to take care of cooperation with the authorities and other stakeholders on projects, as well as communication.

Supervision of reconditioning and independent quality control

We act as a technical environmental supervisor, construction contracting consultant and safety coordinator on reconditioning projects and as an independent quality controller at new fuel distribution sites.

Industrial surveys and plans

We conduct basic premises surveys for plants subject to directives in accordance with the environmental protection act. When operations are discontinued, we prepare shut-down plans (including plans to close former waste dumps) and we act as an independent quality controller during the implementation phase. Alternatives for treating and reconditioning slurry ponds, reuse, planning, permit process, supervision.

Management of environmental damage

We assist the authorities in primary and subsequent prevention of environmental damage and accidents, as well as in any subsequent reconditioning and inspection duties.