Supervision and quality assurance

We ensure that the quality, costs and schedule of your new construction and renovation projects are appropriately managed. 

We supervise the construction work in accordance with set objectives. We also take care of possible surveys and inspections related to additional work or changes. Our supervisory organisation is comprised of experts of various fields and can oversee all aspects of the construction and technical building services work. Our supervision is based on a systematic and methodical approach that emphasises quality control through model works, progress inspections and quality assurance tests. We carry out the acceptance and final documentation inspections for the project. We also take care of warranty inspections and supervise any warranty repairs. 

Supervision plan

Systematic progress of the work is unfeasible without a plan. We plan the implementation of supervision work and ensure that appropriate resources are allocated to supervision at the correct times. In the supervision plan, we also acknowledge the unique characteristics of the site and any necessary model and progress inspections and quality assurances.

Worksite inspections and documentation

We carry out regular inspections at the worksite throughout the duration of work on the site. During the worksite inspections, we review the key work stages of the site and compile you a report of the visits. We also provide the necessary lists of errors and faults in the implementations. Appropriate documentation facilitates the flow of information during the worksite stage, describes how the work has been carried out, and assists in possible fault situations over the course of the worksite stage or warranty period.