We offer customers our experience, enthusiasm and broad expertise in renovation construction contracting.

Renovation projects emphasise the need for a construction contracting organisation with versatile expertise, from seasoned construction project managers to special experts. Each project is carried out in cooperation with the customer with a close ear on their goals and requirements.

Our construction contracting organisation is involved in needs assessment in accordance with the customer’s requirements as well as in project planning, planning, construction and warranty period work tasks. In our projects, we supervise the fulfilment of the customer’s goals in all phases of the project, taking into account the quality of the work, schedule and financial factors.‚Äč

Our renovation projects include, inter alia, residential, office and commercial buildings, healthcare, educational and industrial facilities and storage buildings.

Project management

Project planning

Cost estimates

We estimate the project costs based on the project or renovation plan. 

Worksite supervision

Moisture coordinator tasks

BIM coordinator tasks