Property development and conversion projects

We help refine the value of your land and buildings through various methods to achieve attractive and functional solutions for both users of the property and its owner.

Identifying the optimal use of the property and prudent construction and development involve numerous factors that we are able to manage and direct in accordance with our customer’s goals in order to positively influence the property value. The value of good consulting is emphasised during the early phases of the project while reviewing and bouncing around ideas for potential solutions. We can customise our services to match your needs.

Entire areas — industrial, campus, residential and hospital areas

Areal requirements in the urban framework? Improving attractiveness and functionality and developing new? Who benefits from investing in the area? Through the creation of a service structure, zoning development and synergy and stakeholder analyses, a comprehensive vision or plan for the development of the area can be formed.

Lots that no longer serve the land owner’s purposes

Looking for a certain development direction, increase in value or a more profitable zoning development alternative in view of market conditions? Profitability and productivity analyses and zoning consultation and development help achieve the optimal solution that matches the goals of the owner.

Rapid increase in the market value of a property

Looking to maximise the value of your property, repurpose it or find a suitable target group? Solution and scenario analyses, the management and supervision of change work, environmental classifications and real estate appraisals help create attractive properties with reasonable costs for both users, owners and investors.

Buildings at the end of their functional or technical service life

Profitably refining an existing property towards a new solution, increasing market value through rezoning or repurposing? The end result of the repurposing concepts and renovation management and supervision is a new property or one equivalent to a new construction, resulting in an increase in value.

Space management and development services for property users

How can the spaces better serve the core functions of users, what types of spaces are required and how should stakeholders be positioned in relation to each other? The implementation of business strategy as property and spatial strategy, optimisation of work through efficient placement of functions, and the identification and implementation synergy operators serve to improve the efficiency and productivity used spaces.