New construction projects

Our construction contracting in new constructions and renovations is based on systematic and flexible operations as part of the project organisation.

We supervise the interests of the customer and are independent of contractors. We act as our cus-tomers’ construction contracting organisation and representative in new construction projects. We understand the central contracting models used in the industry, their applicability to various sites and procurements, and their impacts on the sharing of risks between the customer and contractors. We manage the construction contracting tasks of projects in the extent required by the customer, from needs assessments and project planning to warranty inspection.

Our new construction projects include, inter alia, residential, office and commercial buildings, healthcare, educational and industrial facilities and storage buildings.

Needs assessment and project planning

We set precise objectives for your construction project: scope, functionality, quality, schedule, budget, and operating and maintenance costs. We compute a target price calculation in accordance with the plans for your investment decision.

Planning preparation and direction

We tender out the planning work for the required fields of expertise and draw up the planning contracts. We direct and supervise the planning process in line with the customer’s goals. As the work progresses, we pay particular attention to the cost-efficiency of the planning solutions, both in terms of construction and the intended lifecycle of the project.

Procurements and construction preparations

We propose a suitable contract form for your project, after which we prepare and send out tender documents according to the selected contract form. Our service covers the tendering process and contract negotiations, contract documents and the cost estimate of the project.

Worksite supervision

We supervise the construction work in accordance with set objectives. Our supervisory organisation is comprised of experts of various fields and can oversee all aspects of the construction and technical building services work.
We carry out the acceptance and final documentation inspections for the project. We also take care of warranty inspections and supervise any warranty repairs.
We conceptualise and plan city blocks and compile the necessary method of construction guidelines.

We also serve as the moisture control, safety control and sanitation management coordinators and indoor air quality experts for the project.

BIM coordinator

The building information modelling (BIM) coordinator understands the IT solutions of the industry and ensures the integrity of the building information model. We also provide guidance and direction to the construction project parties on the compiling, use and utilisation of building information models.