Infrastructure and environment projects

Our infrastructure and environment services develop, provide and deliver expert services to infrastructure and living environment developers. The aim is to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted construction process from defining the project to its implementation. Our methods include the direction of planning work, the competitive tendering of contracts in a fair and equal manner, and the management and supervision of construction during the contracts.

Successful construction projects require professional project management. In a well-managed project, the specified result is implemented within the agreed schedule at the agreed level of expenditure. We offer solid expertise and competence in the management and construction contracting of various infrastructure and environment projects. Our skilled teams of experts and decades of experience in mining, road, rail and bridge projects as well as dumpsite construction and the rehabilitation of contaminated land areas guarantee that the requirements of our customers are met, regardless of the difficulty of the project.

Project management and expert tasks

Planning stage construction contracting tasks, direction of general and construction planning

Construction preparations

Worksite supervision and independent quality control

Safety coordinator tasks

Inspections of bridges and special structures, management of bridge feature, procedural programming, planning of renovation investments