Changes in commercial and office premises

We provide construction contracting and supervisory services for commercial premises projects with strong experience. Even in small projects, there are many factors affecting property value that we are able to manage in order to achieve mutual goals.

Commercial and office premises must be user-oriented and support their intended functions. By combining the tenants’ space requirements and the property owner’s objectives for real estate strategy, we can build the foundation for long-term and mutually beneficial tenancies. The prerequisites for successful changes in commercial or office premises are mutually set goals and smooth tenancy, planning and implementation processes. 

Technical boundary conditions of the facility and current condition survey

By surveying the current condition of the facility and its technical boundary conditions, we can form alternative solution models to help in achieving set goals and decision-making.

Technical leasing

The tenancy agreement is one of the preconditions for a successful project. We help specify the boundary conditions of the change project together with the tenant and owner. We provide the necessary cost calculations and quality level and procurement limit specifications to support in the leasing.

From user needs to implementation

A successful leasing process that acknowledges the needs of the user is often crucial in the selection of the premises. We coordinate the goals of the user and lessor to achieve a mutually beneficial result. We manage and direct the general and implementation planning work according to the principles agreed with you.

Implementation management

We tender out the contracts, carry out contract negotiations and draft the contracts and procurement agreements as mutually agreed. The types of contracts and pricing principles used affect the level of risk and costs of the project. By managing and supervising the project’s implementation, we ensure that the set goals are achieved and that the prerequisites for the successful use of the premises are met.