Renovation planning

Our renovation plans and designs meet both large and small challenges in building engineering.

Our renovation design emphasises reliability, technical expertise and the ability to apply our knowledge to creative solutions. We compile the required master plans and architectural, structural, HPAC, automation and electrical designs for all types of renovation projects. When necessary, our specialist consultants in areas such as surface treatment, acoustics and energy and fire technology as well as our interior and landscape designers can also assist in the planning. We also perform demanding inspections on structural physics and the strength of materials.

Property development projects and conversions

Our design services cover tasks related to the development of properties. We are involved in several demanding projects aimed at adding extensions or new floors to the building. Data modelling is an everyday part of our property development operations.

Comprehensive renovation of properties

We design demanding and extensive renovation projects, in which our design team formed from specialists in several areas of expertise work together to devise an overall plan for various structural and technical building services renovations. Our design work emphasises the importance of continuous coordination of different areas of design as the process progresses.

Indoor air, microbe and moisture damage renovations

Our qualified moisture damage renovation designers and indoor air researchers and experts work together with our customers to plan and design renovations for indoor air, microbe and moisture damage and ensure that the starting data for the plans includes all necessary surveys in order to find the appropriate corrective measures. We also determine the quality assurances needed to guarantee a successful renovation and monitor indoor air conditions during the usage of the building. For more demanding projects, we also employ our company’s building health experts.

HPAC and electrical renovations for properties

We work with you to plan and prepare piping renovations of all scopes. Our planning experience covers all alternatives, from interior repairs for modern pipe types to traditional, comprehensive piping renovations.

Building exterior, roof and balcony renovations

We are constantly designing envelope renovations and balcony repair and replacement projects for building of all types and ages. Our planning covers both large and small projects, from the repair of individual structural elements to comprehensive renovation.

Renovation of outdoor areas and structures

In addition to experts in various areas of design, outdoor area renovation projects should include special expertise on landscape design, parking and rescue road surveys, charging station plans for electric vehicles and other required fields. Our renovation designs are always customised to your specific needs.