Electrical design

Electrical and telecom design is an integral part of well-functioning technical building services. We are a multitalented operator in electrical and telecom design.

Our typical customers in electrical design include office, commercial, residential and industrial buildings as well as schools, hospitals and other public buildings. In addition to electrical and telecom systems, our range of services includes lighting design and ICT and security systems. We provide all necessary services for the entire lifecycle of the building, from preliminary assessments to construction phase tasks. Whether a small or large project, the innovative and cost-efficient approach of our designers and the utilisation of building information modelling ensure that the set aims are achieved. Through carefully selecting functional and energy-efficient electrical systems while accounting for environmental aspects, we ensure the construction of functional buildings with efficient lifecycles.

ICT systems

In the design of fixed and wireless information networks, we take into account both national regulations and the growing needs in data transfer and technical building services.

Security systems

We design customised security solutions for your commercial premises and company with access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection systems.