HPAC design

Of all technical building services, the design of HVAC systems has the most substantial impact on the energy and maintenance costs of the building. Competent planning produces high-quality buildings in terms of environmental impacts, indoor conditions and technical maintenance and usability.

We provide mechanical engineering services for all building types. In addition to typical HVAC and plumbing systems, our range of services includes fire sprinkler systems, geothermal energy systems, clean rooms and ATEX documentation. We provide all necessary services for the entire lifecycle of the building, from preliminary assessments to construction phase tasks. Whether a small or large project, the innovative and cost-efficient approach of our designers and the utilisation of building information modelling ensure that the set aims are achieved. Through carefully selecting functional and energy-efficient basic solutions while accounting for environmental aspects, we ensure the construction of functional buildings with efficient lifecycles. 

Indoor climate planning

The indoor air of a building has significant effect on matters such as health, well-being and productivity. For this reason, it is essential that particular attention is given to indoor climate planning. We work in close cooperation with our customers in indoor climate planning to set and execute the appropriate objectives for indoor air quality in view of the intended purpose of the building.

Lifecycle planning

In reviewing the lifecycle of the property, we take into account the service life of technical building services equipment, adaptability, energy efficiency, technical controllability of the building, and the simplicity of maintenance. These factors also direct our technical building services design work and assist in system selections.

Special projects planning

Special projects include specialised production facilities, laboratories and healthcare facilities, as well as ordinary buildings with special requirements on factors such as energy economy. Our vast experience on various healthcare and industry projects is a solid foundation for us in finding new solutions for demanding special projects.

Building information modelling

We have year of experience in technical building services planning that is based on 3D technology and data models. Our operational model improves the efficiency of the design process and ensures a high-quality and cost-efficient end result. The optimal benefits of data modelling are achieved when all parties in the planning process make use of the same advanced technology and cooperate to create a coherent 3D model of the building.